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I discovered Highlights of Homeschooling Literature Units through CurrClick and, after one try, became an immediate fan and frequent user.  Not limited to simple "what happened next" questions, these units offer a diverse approach to reading comprehension; one that can easily (and frequently) spin off into "mini lessons" depending on the interests of the child. 
Something I particularly like about the units is the fact that I can adjust the activities to my child's ability and level of interest with minimal fuss!  The outline and main ideas for each lesson are clear and concise making them easy to manipulate and, since we're not beholden to a book or print, I don't feel as if I've "wasted" printer paper and ink.
One unit we completed was Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.  One thing my daughter fully enjoyed was the development of a Narnian newspaper.  We decided not to do a create, cut and paste activity though. Instead, we tied it into her typing and technology lessons and created it online.   There were great opportunities for discussion about writing types, content, appealing to readers, safe computer searches for photos and, of course, standard grammar.  See her final product!
We also had great fun with the diorama - her first. She was overwhelmed by how many things she COULD create and thankfully when we happened upon 2 plastic figurines that came from McDonald's (I believe), the diorama for the scene at the stone table materialized.
We're currently in the middle of the unit on The Voyage of the Dawn Treader.  Because of this unit, we had to take a sidebar lesson on heraldry and crests/shields.  As a result, she decided she had to create her very own crest.  The Dawn Treader newspaper is, once again, a print version and I've been able to tie some of the craft activities to standard art lessons (such as graphic arts).  We're only half-way through this unit so who knows what else will happen!
I have 2 or 3 other units just waiting and I watch to see what NEW units will be published so that I can grab them and save them for when we're ready.
 Michelle Tyler


Reviewed By: Debbie Williams

If you love history as much as our family does, then wait `til you work through the Squanto unit study. It's rare indeed to find such a comprehensive unit study-and this one's a gem!

The study is meant to take three weeks and covers history, literature, science, and everything in between. All the resources you need (except craft supplies) to learn about this historical figure are contained in the ebook, Squanto: A History/Literature Unit Study.

The unit contains a historical story about Squanto, daily journal question, and a daily activity. The activities include Bible verse activities, vocabulary skills, interpretation skills, sequencing, encyclopedia skills, creative writing, science activity, map skills, comprehension skills, cause and effect, dictionary skills, poetry skills, drawing, craft activity, and report writing.

Although this sounds like a lot of work, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised to see the ease at which this unit study flows from one day to the next. Before you know it, you and your young students will have a solid understanding of who Squanto was and why he was such an important figure in early American history.
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Debbie Williams
Debbie Williams is a parent educator, homeschooling mom, and founder of the online organizing site



12 American History by Jody Daniels

This set is going to benefit you if you are looking for a pre-planned study that covers all subjects, except math, with little preparation required on the part of parent/teacher. Print out your pages, organize them in a notebook, get a few supplies for science activities and you're ready to go. You will also need access to a Bible, a dictionary and encylopedias. (online versions will work fine) With the addition of a math curriculum you are set for your upper elementary student's semester!

The description by the publisher is very accurate as far as content, however, this is writing intensive so if you intend for this to be used independently, I would recommend using with a child who is creating and writing sentences on their own and reading at least at a 4th+ grade level.

An addition we've made is to fill out lab sheets and make oral presentations as the science activities can be a bit simple and not at the same level as the intensity of the writing. I have also used this with several student of multiple age range by eliminating or adding assignments.

In summary, I would recommend this as an independent study for 4th+ with an addition of a few lab sheets and presentations for those that are ready or as a family study with minor adjustments.

American Girls by kathy Alps

Pleasant Rowland, an elementary school teacher from Madison, Wisconsin created the "American Girl" series to teach American History in a fun and engaging format. "Meet the American Girls" takes Rowland's idea a step further in the format of a unit study.
"Meet the American Girls" covers all nine of the American Girls from Felicity to Julie. The study is arranged in chronological order according to the girls time period. The unit study includes creative writing, social studies, history, arts/crafts/cooking projects along with chapter review questions, vocabulary words and character education. There are also references to websites within the curriculum where you can go to obtain more information on a particular topic.This unit study is a great way to introduce your daughter to American History. I would recommend this study for the grade levels of 2-3.

This Christmas Learning Pack is a great value for your money.  Included in this set are a 118-page literature study guide for The Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens and a 96-page literature study guide for The Best Christmas Pageant Ever by Barbara Robinson. These literature guides are broken down by chapters and include exercises for vocabulary, comprehension, and literature elements, prompts for handwriting, creative writing, and newspaper writing (the goal is to have a completed “newspaper” by the completion of the study), activities for “making literature fun”, and a final research topic suggestion.  These study guides can be used with various age groups as there are some easier worksheets, along with some more difficult ones.  You can pick and choose what will work for you and your child(ren). Also included is an 89-page E-Book called Christmas Traditions.  This book covers many of the popular Christmas traditions, giving the history of the tradition, a coloring page, a craft idea, reading book suggestions, a song to sing that relates to the tradition, and writing prompt.  Lastly, you will receive a 32-page “how to” booklet that will teach you how to write 30 different types of poetry about Christmas.

This learning pack contains enough to keep you busy for the month leading up to Christmas, and then some!  A trip to the library for some of the suggested reading materials and a Christmas song book will make the study of Christmas traditions even more meaningful. 

-Heidi Strawser, E-Book Reviews Specialist, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC

 Thank you for the email…I actually bought your unit study on AG and we loved it.  We used it while we were traveling so we only had to take a few books and papers with us.  My girls love AG and they loved your unit study.

  Thanks for making such wonderful resources available to us homeschoolers.  We actually went to a lady that taught a class in AG.  We did a craft, cooked the food, wore the clothing – totally immersed ourselves in that time period – oh what a way to learn history!!

 Come to think of it, I have actually purchased several of your unit studies.  The ones about the Mayflower, Pocohantas…I think it was a bundle of about 10 or so.  We loved them as well.  I will check your website again, seems like you had another I was interested in the other






















Thanks again,













Statue of Liberty karinna Dawbin

I am very excited to do this unit with my daughter. Although she will be only going into 2nd grade and the publisher has it recommended for 3rd and up, because she enjoys writing. This is something she will truly enjoy. This unit is very well planned out and has projects for all subjects. I will enjoy this completely and will also look for more from this publisher!

A Christmas Carol by Anne Stephany

This unit study was well worth the price. Besides having questions for each (following the 5W's and an H format) section, the vocabulary was also good for this level. The extra activities were quite enjoyable as well. My daughter made menus, travel brochures, etc. She looked forward to working on the unit every day.